Here we are at the beginning of a new year.  It might be time to look for some new employees as you expand your business or replace others.  Here are some tips to help you out.

#1  Always know what questions you can ask your candidates.  Make sure your application is legally sound.  Do your research.  For example you can not ask your candidates about their religion.

#2  Have a clear and concise job description.  List the job title, duties and immediate supervisor.   List any qualifications needed (example: valid driver’s license).  Always list “Other duties as assigned” at the end of the job duties.

#3  Get the best candidate by word of mouth,  temporary agency, recruiter or running an internet ad as well as a newspaper ad.

#4 Screening candidates.  Review resumes and applications carefully.  One key factor in this business is having a valid driver’s license.  Depending on your insurance company, you may have to run their driving record prior to hiring to make sure they are insurable.  Make sure your applicants know this!

#5  Set up appointments.  We recommend you set up 3-4 people for every 15 minute time slot.  It may seem like you are overbooking but people cancel for a variety of reasons and having a room full of applicants creates a bit of competition.

#6  Interviews.  Have a set of questions you will ask all candidates.  This will make it easier to compare them later on.  Use open ended questions to get the candidate’s attitude on work ethic, customer service and reliability.  Don’t be afraid to ask them, “Please expand on that or What do you mean specifically?”  They will be handling your customers so you need accurate information. (a list of questions will be provided in a later post).  If you have a partner or manager have them conduct an interview also.

#7 Background Checks.  Make sure your candidate can be insured by your insurance company.  Your agent will be able to tell you how to do this.

Training will take 3-4 weeks so choose carefully.  Don’t always be in a rush to hire the first person.   I did that a few times and it backfired.  As many have said, “Not hiring is 100% better than bad hiring.”

Make it a great day!

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