Hi, my name is Owen Larson.

I would like to tell you about my story.  I started my vending business when I was 22 years old in a small rental house.  I was a “one-man” operation.  My business grew to over 3000 customers requiring a custom built 7500 square foot warehouse on 6 acres of industrial property!

I have created this site so I can share my knowledge and experiences with you.  I want to help you build your dream.

I purchased basic start up information in 1987.  This information will be available to you, along with my personal 20+ years of experience.   Over time, I improved the methods and developed my own methods to become one of the largest vendors in my area.

Most websites today want to sell you equipment or product.  I want to be your mentor…I want to sell you my basic information and then help you build your dream.

I will be able to answer your questions as you start your business.  That is something I did not have.

I can show you. Please take the time to browse this site.  Sign up for my report so we can start building your dreams today.


Owen Larson

Follow your dream!
No Nights!
No Weekends!

This is what got my attention when I was 22 years old. No nights, No Weekends! I knew I wanted to be self-employed, but I also knew that businesses demand a lot from self-employed people. I did not want a business that required late hours during the week or hours on the weekends. The customers you service with HonorSnacks are not generally open in the evenings or on weekends!

Drive through an industrial park near you on a Saturday.
Do you see many cars? Nope!

And the cars you do see, you know who they probably belong to? THE OWNERS! The owners are there working while everyone else has the day off! Does this mean you’ll never put hours in the evening or on weekends? No, of course not; you will probably be counting your money then. Seriously, you will probably take your money home and run it through your coin-counter there. (I will tell you why that is a good idea later)

I will teach you how to find the ideal customers and employees.  If you follow my system you will be successful.  If you are a new business owner, I will mentor you along the way.  If you are currently in the vending industry, I can show you how to expand your market without the cost of expensive machines.  I can show you how to serve the small business market.

How much support you want is up to you.   It is up to you…You can purchase the manuals and have a go at it.  Or you can purchase the manuals and set up a consulting contract with me.  I will help you out as little or much as you want.  Remember, I retired at age 37.

I will show you what you need to get started in business and save you the cost of purchasing a franchise and having to pay on-going fees.

I know you are thinking… Who is this guy?  Why does he want to share this information?  Well..
sign up and I will tell you my story.

Most  vending opportunities want you to purchase “X” number of machines.  That’s it…they don’t offer what I have to offer.  With my colleagues we have over 50 years experience in the HonorSnacks business!

HonorSnacks Team 1992

How much do you believe information like this is worth?

When I started my HonorSnacks business in 1987, I paid $20,000 to a guy who taught me the business. Yes, that’s right, I paid $20,000 (up front) before he told me anything. It’s a good thing the business model worked!

So why am I willing to sell this information for so little? Because this just another stream of income for me at this time. I am an entrepreneur and I develop multiple streams of income. I do what I know and I offer what I know to others to help them get a leg up. I am not maintaining an expensive site here; my wife and I have built this site ourselves to help others do what we have done.

You will also have access to videos and manuals on sales, employee training and management.

Simply fill in the box below and enter your email and name. Check the box for free report.

If you are new to vending…this program is ideal for you. The formats are easily downloadable files. This is valuable information!

You are about to learn how to get your own honor snacks business started. You will save thousands of dollars without having to purchase vending machines. You will learn how to get the best locations so you can maximize your profits. You will become a master of customer service.

Are you ready to start? Are you ready to be your own boss? How about creating a life style for you and your family that will outlast the current job market? Would you like to work together as a family for a common goal? A common dream? How about being home with your kids every night? How about having weekends off? Holidays off too!

Did you know that 95% of all businesses employ less than 50 employees? Honor snacks were designed to service these businesses. The information I have to share with you will show you how to take advantage of this under-served market.