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For $597 you will receive:

    Customer Service Trainers Manual1. Operations Manual…over 150 pages of information on warehouse, packaging, selection and hiring, training and much more! (shown below)
    2. Customer Service Inside Out – Trainer’s Handbook (pictured) that covers Customer Service Inside out and Upside Down in a 1-2-3 step process!Operations and Customer Service Manuals
    3. Customer Service Inside Out – Participant’s Handbook (not shown) This manual is for your Customer Service Representatives (your Route Service staff). The tools offered in this manual will take each and every person you hire to the next level in both the customer service arena as well as their own personal self-development!
    4. Customer Service Representative Tuning Your Skills Handbook (shown in photo to right) This manual goes along with the videos you will be able to access.  Step by step methods to solve problems along with excellent customer service training that we developed over years of work in the field.
    5. Customer Service Representative Meeting Guide (not shown) This guide is an assembly of scripts, notes and handouts that we used in our business every single week. A measure of success in this business is directly attributable to the quality of training and development you provide your Route Service staff.

You will also have FREE UNLIMITED access to audio and video training for yourself and your employees.

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