Every January we are faced with that five letter word….DIETS!

Yes, our customers have decided to go on a diet and lose weight.  Therefore, they must discontinue our service in order to accomplish their goal.   We know that the snack tray is not going to make or break their diet.  So what do we do?

Meet with your staff and have a plan.  Role play these situations.  The more comfortable you are the better!

Here is an example:

Customer(C): Joe, we need you to remove the snack tray because we are all going on the diets.

Joe(J):  I understand Customer (yes, use their name).  A lot of people are doing that this year.  Did you know we have several low-fat and low calorie items available?  In fact, I packed the tray with some extra healthier items this time.  So many of my customers are doing the same thing.   Here take a look(have your RSP point out items)

C:  Well, Joe, I just think we need to remove any temptation all togther.

J:  I understand, Customer.  It’s that this is how I make my living.  If I lose you as a customer then I have a smaller paycheck.  I really want to keep you as a customer and try to help you with your diet goal.  What can we do to work together?  Can you give me a chance?

C: Ok… that would be fine.

Now, that is the ideal situation.  Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.  First, you should have a relationship with that customer to start with.  Second, you may have to ask a few times.  You do want them to understand this is how you make a living and it’s important to keep customers.  You may want to suggest moving the tray so that this customer is not tempted.  Chances are the person asking is the only one on a diet.

You may want to motivate your staff by holding a contest.  You don’t want it to motivate in a negative manner.  Post the current number of customers for each route service person.  Post that number each week and whoever has the most number of customers wins a prize!  This is a great time to encourage your RSP to get referrals to get new customers.

Building relationships with your staff and customers is the key to keeping them.  Hold 15 minute meetings weekly.  Be positive and focused on the accomplishments of each day.  Remember, you are in the service business.

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