Who is the can-do person?  Is it you?  Is is someone you work with?  Maybe, the can-do person is you. 

Have you always wanted to be your own boss?  Do you have desire to take charge?  Where you the kid who had his own lawn-mowing service or the girl who was the babysitter in demand?  Then, you are probably a can-do person.

I just came up with the “can-do person” line.  I sat down and decided to write about something I consider myself to be an expert at.   Not much has stopped me in life.  We all have disappointments, maybe even tragedies, in life.  We must over come.  We were designed to overcome.  I truly believe we give up too easily sometimes.  There are so many things pulling us in a hundred million directions.  (Ok…a bit of exagerration there)

One of the things I do well is run a business.  I am good at teaching people what to do and how to do it.  I know how to delegate;  I am a leader.   A can-do person is a leader who is willing to work hard to succeed.  A can-do person never stops learning.  Once you stop, it is so hard to catch up.  A can-do person wants to mentor to others.

Look at all that has changed in the last 20 years?  Look at the innovation and technology we have today!  Wow…there are some can-do people behind all those gadgets we enjoy!