Years ago, I used to hire “route drivers.”  You know, the ones who just drove a van around and delivered a product.  After, a few years and many lessons later, I changed that to “customer service representative.”  I did that because I expected more from my employees than some guydelivering candy.  I did that because I  wanted my employees to expect more of themselves.  If you give them something to shoot for and they fall short, well, they didn’t fall off, just short. They get back up and try again.  I trained my employees to exemplify good character, to be responsible and to treat customers properly. 

HonorSnacks succeeds because we provide training in the art of customer service.  We can teach you how to create that trust between you and your customer so that honesty will exist.  You will have a relationship with your customer and they will pay because they trust you.  They want to “do right” by you.  As your business grows, the relationship you create with your employees will then be passed on to your customers.  It’s what you expect, and you will get it.

How does Honesty work in your business?  You become a student of people.  Invest time in training your employees and knowing your customer.  Each week,  meet with your employees to go over their job description.  Make sure they understand their duties.  Role-playing is a great tool in teaching them how to handle customers.  As you get to know their strengths, compliment them.  Ask them to hold a meeting or give examples to fellow employees.  If you continue to build each other up and raise your expectations, it will work!