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Honesty is the Best Policy?

One of the things I have been asked is, “Why Honor Snacks?  People are not honest anymore.”  Most people won’t build this business because they don’t have the guts to.  I can show you how to overcome this major obstacle.

First of all, you get what you expect.  If you expect people to be dishonest, they will be.  However, if you deliver the best and expect the best you will receive the best. 

As a customer, what do you expect?  Do you want good or great service?  Do you want a smiling face or just a grumpy voice over the phone? Do you want your complaint taken care of now or later?   Think of how many products and services we buy right off the Internet.  How much of our communication is done directly on-line?  The Internet is great..hey it’s what I am doing now.  However, there is a personal element that is missing when we do most of our communication in this way.  That element is customer service.

Customer service seems to be something that is missing in business today.  We move so fast and demand so much, we don’t often slow down to think about it.

When it comes to honesty, it is easier to believe it doesnt’ exist.  That way, we won’t be disappointed when we have been lied to.  Do you know there are over 254,000 books on the subject of honesty on amazon?  Do you think our society is concerned about it?  Yea, I think so. We all want to be honest, we want to do what is right.

Merriam-Webster dictionary says the following:

synonyms honesty, honor, integrity, probity mean uprightness of character or action. honesty implies a refusal to lie, steal, or deceive in any way. honor suggests an active or anxious regard for the standards of one’s profession, calling, or position. integrity implies trustworthiness and incorruptibility to a degree that one is incapable of being false to a trust, responsibility, or pledge. probity implies tried and proven honesty or integrity.