For you history buffs, (like me) here are some important dates in Vending History.

In 215 B.C. the Greek mathematician Hero described a device used to dispense holy water in the temples of Egypt.

In the 1700’s  English taverns had coin-operated Tobacco Boxes

1930’s Bottle soft drink machines cooled with ice first appear

1940’s Invention of the first coffee vendors….used for coffee and lunch breaks

1950’s Refrigerated sandwich vendors used to expand lunch menus

1960’s dollar bill changers! canned drinks vended!

1970’s  vending sales top $10 billion…wow!

1980’s credit card devices introduced for use in vending

1987  Owen Larson opens Snak-hit – Snacks on the Honor System

2002  Clear Choice Revolution invented by Owen Larson – latest in small location vending.

It is amazing how far we have come in this age of technology.  Each decade provides us with more opprotunity and conveniences.  Have a great day!