I appreciate this opportunity to let you in on what I believe is a most unique and exciting concept. As you learn more about this buiness, you’ll discover how it began, where it is going, and how you can profit from a relationship with me in this dynamic business.

I can provide as much or as little assistance as you need to get your very own, <em>all cash</em>, business off the ground. This is a business where you control the growth by applying simple, proven methods, to accelerate your business size without enormous advertising costs and more importantly, without hoping for customers.

Did you know that one of the most expensive aspects for most businesses is their advertising expense?  Oh sure, you can rely on “word of mouth” advertising, but wouldn’t you rather be in a business where with a little effort, you can go and grow as you need and desire?

Our valuable information and consultation service removes the pressure of you having to be concerned with knowing everything before you get started because when those little problems arise along the way, and they certainly will arise, we will be here to assist you with over 50 years of experience in this very business.

Let me address that “50 years of experience” thing right here and now.  You hear this type of thing all the time, so I want you to know exactly what I mean when I say it.  I started in the HonorSnacks business in 1987 in arguably one of the toughest markets in America; Chicago.  Another part of the “We” in the 50 years of experience operates an HonorSnack business in the Greater Kansas City marketplace and has done so successfully for 30 years.  So when you have a question or problem in your business, you won’t be getting a “Let’s try this answer;” you will be getting a response from someone who has experience and knows the answer.

At the age of 22, I started my HonorSnack business in Chicago from a rented home that was only 850 square feet.  My wife and I grew that business from nothing to over 3000 customers, serving 183 suburbs of Chicago within 10 years. An all cash business, 3000 customers, 10 years; you do a little math on that right now, I promise to get back to it later.

While a growing number of Americans want the luxury of owning their own business, most also want the security of a proven track record and someone there to back them up when they need it. Our years of experience, and the expertise of our staff provide you with a very special benefit . . . you don’t have to do any pioneering or make costly beginners’ mistakes. Our offering of information and consulting to business owners is second to none, and we will be there when you need us!

Through Fifty years of operations, research and development we’ve proven a concept and method that allows you to capitalize on an enormous forgotten market.

Our system allows you to service a huge customer base with no late nights, weekends or holiday work.  And that’s not all!

There are no restrictions on what or where you sell.  We will advise you as much or as little as you require or request. There are no monthly fees, no franchise fees, no submission of financial reports, nothing!  Your business is exactly that, your business. We are here to support you with our knowledge from experience.
Your business will reward you with tremendous cash flow and excellent profit margins! We know what you want and the information you need to make an informed business decision.  If you’re sincerely interested in owning a money making business of your own, we’ll provide further information on the financial costs and monetary rewards of the HonorSnack business.